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Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Welcome to our first blog post!

Are you stressed or overwhelmed by all that's popping out in the beauty space?

Do you wonder what's real, what's worth your money?

It seems as though a new beauty brand and/or product pops out of nowhere every second. As a second generation beauty entrepreneur and beauty fanatic, this stresses me out and it makes me think what's authentically vetted, market tested, worth my time to explore and try.

After following so many brands and investing in numerous products over the decades, I've decided to really narrow down my beauty objective and areas of improvement that I'd like to work on. For example, my natural hair is dry and frizzy, hence I've wondered how can I minimize flyaways and control my hair so it looks sleek? I've explored various leave in conditioners, hair masks, and so forth. What's tricky about hair is that, what works for me, may not work for you, every body and hair type is different. I've noticed that washing my hair a few times per week, to keep natural oils in place, then using dry shampoo in between washes, and controlling frizz and flyaways with leave in conditioner does the trick for me. A day before my wash day, I'll use products such as gel, edge control for more of that sleek style and look; I style it with partial five inch long center part with a lower bun, it's basically my go-to look when I'm not doing anything extra fancy. Again, finding what works for us take patience and exploration! Just have fun with it! :)

It takes time and patience to create your own diy beauty routine! Have fun with it!

No change happens over night, have fun with beauty exploration; figuring out your special beauty secret may take a few tries until you find the perfect routine that works for you! :)

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